With over 5 years of unparalleled experience in the field of construction and security, Pink Hats Solutions is your go-to resource for all things building.

Pink Hats Inc. is a construction company based in California and founded in 2013. We believe that “safety first” for our employees is just as important as providing quality service for our customers. Anchored by loyal employees who are dedicated to providing superior service and grounded in the philosophy of honesty and integrity, we have thoroughly enjoyed our impeccable reputation as a qualified and trusted service provider for over 5 years.

Construction services

We don’t just build from the ground up. We work hand in hand with our clients to deliver the best quality construction with a budget that works well with the one that they have in mind. Contact us now to get a quotation.

Remodeling services

Tired of the same old, same old? Call us up and we’ll give your establishment that fresh new look that you’ve always wanted!

Our services

Pink Hats’ superior service does not care if a project is big or small, it’ll be excellent in every which way. Choose whatever area you need help with and we’ll be there right away!

Construction services

With over 5 years of experience in the field of construction, Pink Hats is an expert in all things building. We only have one goal in exercising our forte in the construction world – we want our clients to know that we don’t consider them as one-time project engagements but as commitments that we want to fulfill. We aim to meet your objectives so that we become your go-to resource for your construction needs now and in the future. We take responsibility of turning whatever you have in mind into reality.

Blueprints Services

Pink Hats is a trusted partner that helps create plans in a clever and affordable way. We work with construction companies, and real estate developers all around the world, providing high-quality design, drawing, and 3D modeling services.

We believe that working together is powerful and can make ideas come to life. Our skilled team uses their experience and the latest technology to make sure each project is excellent. When you let us handle your design work, you can focus on your main business, and we’ll take care of the technical and creative parts of your projects.

We stand out from the competition because we are really committed to doing a great job, we communicate well, and we finish projects on time. Come with us to make your dreams a reality and see what makes Pink Hats special.

Our clients love us!

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Reliable help

Glad to have some reliable help in the Imperial Valley

Dina Self

Brawley CA

Very professional

Very professional glad to have some reliable help in the Imperial Valley

Hire a Handyman

Hector V.

Quality work

Very professional and friendly. Responds quickly to questions. Do quality work.

Anne P. Imperial

CA Home Owner

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